Medicine Box Monday: Designer151 Studios

by | Apr 3, 2017

This weeks behind the scene feature goes out to our packaging designer from across the country in Rhode Island! Manuel Cordeiro with Designer151 Studios has been a rockstar at meeting our requests from the earliest stages of concept through the entirety of production. Him and his team have a fresh perspective on developing cannabis packaging since they are a bit removed from the wild west hustle. We couldn’t be more grateful that they’re a part of our team!

About The Studio:

“To design in a socially and environmentally responsible manner while ensuring enjoyment by the masses.” -Designer151 Studio Mission Statement

The above statement is a large reason why we choose to work with Designer151 Studios! Environmental responsibility is an extremely important element of how Medicine Box operates. The follow through on this statement is superb on behalf of Designer151 Studios from their use of USA sourced hemp paper to the eco friendly ink and recycled cardboard, they 100% deliver to meet these standards. In addition to being environmentally sound, the crew at Designer151 can handle all needs in relation to production from development of concept to creative input and execution through all stages of the process.

We’ve gone through a series of packaging alterations in the year that we’ve been developing the concept, and Designer151 Studios has rolled with the punches tremendously! Their dedication shows in many ways, one that stands out to me is their willingness to learn with us. As those that work in the Cannabis industry can attest to, things such as uniformity around regulation can change in a blink of an eye. When these changes happen, we need to be on our toes to ensure we are fully compliant. We wouldn’t have been able to stay up to par if we didn’t have all those at Designer151 Studios right there with us in the learning and application of the regulations. Huge shout out to you guys for staying diligent with us, we couldn’t have made it to the final stages of production without you!

Our team is 

extremely grateful for this collaboration! It has shown us what a solid partnership can offer. For more information on the multi-faceted design team that is Designer151 Studios, head over to their website portfolio. In this blog way back in July, we have our first mention of Manual and his team, (Medicine Box Collaborators.) Take a time hop on the Medicine Box timeline! For more behind the scenes features, stay tuned every Monday! 


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