Women Grow’s 2nd Annual Leadership Summit: Beyonces Everywhere

by | Feb 17, 2017

In the spring of 2016, I came across an article written by a woman about her experience at something called the “1st Annual Women Grow Leadership Summit”. I had not heard of the Women Grow organization before and knew nothing about their summit, but by the time I finished the article I knew I had to find out more. And I knew I had to be in attendance at next year’s event.

Fast forward a year: A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to embark on a solo trip to Denver, CO and represent Medicine Box at the 2nd Annual Women Grow Leadership Summit. And let me say that the empowerment, comradery, networking opportunities and learning experiences described in the article I read did not do the event justice. I experienced a magical couple of days filled with inspiring talks, uplifting stories, business tips from industry leaders, and most of all great company. The energy and excitement to be participating in the event was contagious.


First, I have to give a shout out to The Clinic, a Denver based dispensary that provided attendees with the ultimate goody bag filled with a variety of Colorado cannabis products. Next, the venue; it was magnificent! The Ellie Caulkins Opera House accommodated us with a welcoming, comfortable and elegant setting for Thursday’s Lightning Talks. And what moving talks those were! From LGBTQ inclusion in the industry to a toddler’s miracle story fighting disease with the help of cannabis, and more Beyoncé references than I can count (all hail Queen Bey), the spirits, energy, and bad ass female vibes were at an all time high.

The Plant Came First

Another thing that stood out to me was; that despite what seems to be a disappearance of medical markets in states that have gone fully (recreationally) legal, there was a large focus on the medical side of the cannabis industry and the need to protect the future of this plant. We were so graciously reminded that the plant came first and that it is our responsibility to respect and honor that fact, as well as the plant itself. Other sentiments I walked away with were; the importance of engaging and speaking to the RIGHT audience for your brand, action steps and do’s and don’t’s when looking for and meeting with investors (don’t show them everything at once!), and that at the end of the day its not about being the best female leader, but the best leader in general – no matter what your gender is. And last but not least, the yoga sessions led by Rachael Carlevale of Ganjasana were so nurturing and the perfect way to start each day.

See You Next Year!

Women Grow put on quite the event. I left feeling fulfilled, with a number of budding friendships, and overwhelming inspiration to be unapologetically female. Not only am I going to make a point of getting more involved with the organization, I am most definitely bringing the rest of the Medicine Box Tribe with me to Denver next year.

Thank you to Women Grow and all of the event sponsors for putting on the summit of the year!