Meet The Tribe: Medicine Box Monday Continued

by | Feb 20, 2017

For Medicine Box Monday this week we would like to start introducing our readers to our team. Over the next couple weeks each member from behind the scenes will be featured so you can get to know the specialities and contributions of the creators, and just what lead them to Medicine Box.  Our crew thus far has been intimate, which has led us to ‘wear many hats’ in the building of our brand. You may recognize a pattern that many quirky individual skills are utilized for our team to be in full expression. Without further ado we will introduce our brand manager and product developer Demitra.



Demitra grew up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Truckee, California. As an athlete and outdoor adventurer for the entirety of her life, much of her inspiration and drive comes from achieving and maintaining optimal well being. Her family has always put healthy and adventurous physical activity and being outdoors as a strong priority. She has had a love for movement and has been fascinated with the human body and the multiple avenues that can be accessed to facilitate strength, awareness, and optimal health. This inspiration sparked at a young age, and she continues to explore and grow through the practices of Yoga, Massage Therapy, and Medical Cannabis. Her training of the bodies’ specialized systems was attained at the Swedish Institute of Health Sciences in Manhattan, New York  where she received her AA in Occupational Therapy and National Massage Therapy license.  She is passionate about holistic health, food as medicine, and incorporating all of these beautiful and complex life style traditions into her daily practice and offerings. How her trainings and teachings come into play with Medicine Box is her offering of extensive knowledge of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle and how to  incorporate the importance of health, wellbeing, and sustainability into the brand.


Demitra’s Role Behind The Scenes

As a product developer she is a constant student of Cannabis and healing herbs. With many teachers guiding this process she is able to create our tincture blends designed specifically for optimal absorption of the many health benefits available in the plant world. The process of creating the tinctures has and will continue to evolve as we refine our practices and introduce our CBD:THC ratios. Demitra spearheads all research and implementation of innovative practices that we include in the creation of our Medicine Box whole plant tincture blends. She is excited for the continued evolution of working with healing herbs in this way and puts her whole heart into it. In addition to being a product developer she is a co-brand manager. The role of managing is a wide spectrum of creating and maintaining social media content with the team, building relationships in the cannabis community, being one of the key faces of the brand, and giving feedback and input on market adaptability and how we continue to move forward in a good way. As an MMJ patient and avid user for 10 years, she has a strong understanding of what works for her and how to guide others to finding their medicine. She finds joy in working directly with MMJ patients so they too can find what works for their personal body maintenance. As we are finally hitting the market place with our three product lines, you will start seeing more of Demitra and the team out in the world, and we couldn’t be happier.

Happy Medicine Box Monday, we hope we’ve intrigued you to learn more about our dynamic team, and look forward to introducing the rest of the hard working tribe. Peace, Love & Ganja.