Cannabis Education: The Weekly News Round-Up

by | Feb 25, 2017

Every week we share our favorite cannabis news and research. We’d love to see your favorites as well — please share them with us in the comments or on our Facebook page.

1. What Exactly Does Smoking Weed Do To Your Body?

We’re still learning about what cannabis can do, but this is a great summary of what we’ve learned so far. It highlights both the benefits of cannabis and the potential risks, so you can determine what’s important to you.

2. When Retirement Comes With a Daily Dose of Cannabis

While many older adults are finding cannabis to be an effective treatment for a myriad of conditions, it can be very difficult for them to access cannabis, even if they live in a legal state. Since nursing homes are regulated by the federal government, most are unwilling to help their patients obtain cannabis. If the residents have loved ones who live nearby, they can bring in medical marijuana for the patients to self-administer, but that’s not an option for many people. This is one of the many reasons we need to reform our federal cannabis laws.

3. Overblown Fear of Cannabis DUI Plague Reforms

While we still don’t have a reliable method of testing someone for cannabis intoxication, that does not mean that police are powerless against impaired drivers. Read the article to learn about the procedures already in place.

4. Pesticides and Pot: What’s California Smoking?

Pesticides in cannabis is a growing problem. Consuming pesticides is never healthy, but smoking them carries even greater risks than ingesting them. Medicine Box does not use pesticides, but we still get each of our products tested for pesticides because we want to be able to show our patients and customers that our products are safe. We highly recommend looking for test results every time you buy cannabis; it’s important to know exactly what you’re consuming.

5. Can CBD Help you Lose Weight?

CBD has been all over the news. It treats autism, it alleviates pain, it protects your brain. That sounds too good to be true, so let’s dive into what we know about CBD — it really is a wonderful cannabinoid.

6. 6 Short-Term Effects Smoking Weed Has On Your Brain

We all know that cannabis can make you feel high, but what else happens after taking it? This article details what happens in the brain after using cannabis.

7. Industry, Lawmakers React Swiftly to Spicer’s Cannabis Comments

We knew that AG Sessions would never be a friend to the cannabis industry, so the news that he wants to go after adult cannabis use is disappointing, but not shocking. It’s wonderful to see everyone from state legislators to cannabis advocates to ordinary citizens speak out against this misguided attempt to obstruct the will of the people. Medicine Box will continue to make products for medical patients and we will be ready when adult use is fully legal in 2018.

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