Emerald Cup 2016: The Medicine Box Experience

by | Dec 21, 2016

California CannabisThe bridge that is being being built to bring us out of the shadows and into the light.

Our collective experience brought to you by the Medicine Box Tribe

AB: “While I didn’t really know what to expect, my first experience at the Emerald Cup was precisely in line with how I pictured it. Amid the billows of smoke hovering over groups of coughing attendees, tie dye clad individuals carrying their own glass and a mini blowtorch in their pockets, and “green goddesses” gallivanting around on stilts, were people of all ages, styles, backgrounds, and walks of life mingling about to enjoy the fruits of California’s finest cultivators. It was amazing to see how many proud farmers and founders were there graciously sharing their products and eagerly taking in what everyone else had to offer.

What stood out most and what I am so inspired to have left the weekend with was an overwhelming sense of collaboration and desire to see and help others succeed. Something so unique to the cannabis industry is its newness and with that comes a willingness to come together to pave the road with integrity and inclusion. Over the weekend I witnessed this shared dream come to life, I saw this dream in action, a group of motivated individuals and brands dedicated to helping patients receive safe access and information and everything that goes into making that a reality. And we are seeing this happen RIGHT NOW. It is a very energizing and exciting movement to be a part of. I believe Medicine Box, with the power of collaboration and the help of the companies, organizations and individuals we already and plan to partner with, can make a lasting and positive impact in this industry – and hopefully the world!”

Entering the World of Medical Marijuana

Thank you to all those that held down the Prop 215 area and kept it accessible. Because of all of the dedicated individuals one of our team members was able to acquire her medical card and join us inside! Here is a bit on her experience!

Jill: “I used the Emerald Cup as an opportunity to finally get my California medical card. There were at least two options available, so I selected the one that appeared to have the shortest line. The  process was incredibly easy and straightforward; it probably took a total of 15 minutes, not counting time spent waiting in line.

First I filled out a form with some basic personal information. I was asked for my contact information, standard health information (allergies, current medications, etc.), and details about how I planned to use medical cannabis. Next I used the provided webcam to take a photo of myself and a photo of my ID. At that point, one of the staff members informed me that I was tenth in line and that the line was moving quickly.

About 20 minutes later it was my turn to speak with Doctor Rachel via Skype. We spent about ten minutes discussing insomnia and the best ways to treat it. She brought up the pros and cons of using a fast-acting delivery method such as vaping vs. a long-lasting method such as edibles (Fast-acting methods help you fall asleep, long-lasting methods help you stay asleep.) and she also asked about my experiences with more conventional treatments. Despite the short duration of our conversation she seemed genuinely interested in making sure I understood my options; she made sure I walked away with as much information as possible.

After talking to the doctor all that was left was signing a form and making the payment. I was given my temporary card and told that the actual card would be mailed to me. That was it. The entire process was quick and easy, but I’m glad that cannabis will be available for adult use soon. While no one should need a medical card to access cannabis, the medical cannabis movement has done amazing things for so many people that it’s worth committing to.

Although we are in a rapidly changing reality with new laws being implemented as we speak, we will always be advocates for the medical market being priority. We are grateful that Jill was taken care of and left the Emerald Cup with a positive experience with her physician and all staff involved.

Women and Collaboration Reign Supreme

D: “As a first time attendee of the Emerald Cup this year I must say I was quite impressed by the cohesiveness of the event. The thought of 25,000 people in any one condensed place at the same time was initially overwhelming. Fortunately that was a fleeting moment in time, because from the time we arrived there on that rainy Saturday, we were swooned by the magic of the the celebration. The togetherness and community that is so prevalent in cannabis culture is why Medicine Box exists. This common thread was present in all aspects of the event. Being a participant and witness to what can truly happen when we come together and support each other was indeed moving. This piece quickly became the highlight and focus of our weekend in Santa Rosa.

Although we did not have a booth this year, we went with the strong intention to continue the ongoing process of getting our brand and story out into the world. We had many fabulous conversations with fellow industry brands, who were all very kind to share a bit about their journey. There was a commonality in these conversations with individuals from all over the map of the industry; the willingness to share. A collaboration that stood out to me, was the Women of Humboldt. Nestled in the corner of the 215 zone was a community of women run brands all under the same tent. Their offerings consisted of their beautifully adorned and packaged cannabis products ranging from tea, tinctures, edibles and more. As the tincture creator for Medicine Box, I am always drawn to the unique ways that herbalist compile blends, what carriers they use and why, and what sort of blends they are creating. It reminds me that the plant world is so abundant and the ways of herbal healings are ancient. There are infinite teachings and ways to honor all plants, and I must say I was thoroughly impressed and in awe of the way these women did just that. This tent did not stand out to me because it was all women (although, as a woman I do love seeing more women in the industry holding it down,) it stood out because each of these brands alone may not have caught my eye. Not because they weren’t great products represented by great people, but because I was drawn to the story of the togetherness and without that piece something major would have been missing. Check out the photos below for more information on the Women of Humboldt collaboration (not pictured Humboldt Apothecary tinctures.)

Each of these insights lead me to what our collective (The Medicine Box Tribe) has a deeper understanding for; where we are as a brand in this industry. We are only as strong as our community, and we are a growing community! After a year of creation and going within, we are ready to start the journey of our outward expression in the world. While there is always room to improve and we will continue refining our practices, we are beyond excited to hit the beautiful, colorful, loving cannabis community in an expansive way! This next year is going to be a major transitional year for new and experienced brands, and we can’t do it alone! We have your back, do you have ours?!

Thank you to the organizers of the Emerald Cup and your commitment to the community. And immense gratitude for all industry leaders, farmers, advocates for the continuation of innovative small farms having a place in the industry, and all collectives and individuals that came and shared what is important. We look forward to deepening our relationships with each of you that we have met on this journey so far! Get ready 2017, we have big plans for you!

Shout out to these brands we had the opportunity to spend time with and those that caught our eye!!! Legion of Bloom, Jetty Extracts, Madrone Farms, Women of Humboldt, Luma FarmsHarvest and The Hybrid Creative