Cannabis Education: The Weekly News Round-Up

by | Dec 26, 2016

We’re trying a new format for this week’s news round-up and we’d love to hear what you think of it. As aways, please share your favorite cannabis news on our Facebook page or in the comments section below.

1. City, Tahoe Wellness Co-op Head to Court Over License — Best wishes to the team at Tahoe Wellness Co-op for a speedy resolution to this problem.

2. Mellow Drivers? Study Says States With Medical Marijuana Laws Have Lower Traffic Fatality Rates — Good news while we wait for a reliable method to detect drivers impaired by cannabis.

3. Hospice Plans Study on Medical Marijuana for Dying Patients — My grandfather needed hospice care at the end of his life; he was also given large quantities of morphine to help manage his pain. Would cannabis have made his final weeks easier for him? I don’t know, but I look forward to reading the results of this study.

4. Ask an Attorney: Job Interview Questions and Drug Testing — Even in legal states, the issue of cannabis and employment remains difficult to navigate.

5. THCA: No Longer Just Pot’s Boring Friend — Heating THCA converts it to THC, but it has benefits as is. It might be time to start juicing cannabis.

6. Marijuana and Microdosing: Get the Health, Avoid the High — The article overlooked tinctures, but they seem ideal for microdosing.

7. Cannabis and Obesity: Why Pot isn’t Linked to Potbellies — Despite the notoriety of the munchies, cannabis can actually help people maintain a healthy weight. It appears to regulate the intestinal bacteria linked to obesity.

8. DEA Claims Latest CBD Codes Will Expedite Research — Let’s hope those claims have merit; better research is desperately needed.

9. Pot Matters: CBD, Extracts, DEA & the Reform Movement — While many opinons have been expressed about the recent move by the DEA, High Times offers an excellent perspective.

10. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Stoners — We talk a lot about the medical uses of cannabis, but it can also make people more creative and even more productive.

11. A Turn of Events In Mexico – Broad Medical Marijuana Bill Passes In Senate — That makes a sweep of North America. Canada, Mexico, and the US are all taking steps to end prohibition.

12. The Benefits of Cannabis on Your Self-Esteem — The stereotype of the pothead using cannabis to escape reality is being turned on its head by people using cannabis to help them embrace reality.

13. Medicine in Transit: Know Your MMJ Rights While Traveling — Traveling with cannabis still carries some risks, but Cannabis Now explains which states offer medical marijuana reciprocity.

14. Study Shows Cannabis Does Not Cause Schizophrenia — While there’s still a link between schizophrenia and cannabis use, cannabis might be coping tool rather than the cause of this mental illness.

15. The New Cannabis Consumer- Stoners No More — The latest demographic information about people who use cannabis. Are you represented?

16. Trump Won’t Stop California’s Legal Marijuana Industry, International Cannabis Business Conference Predicts — We still don’t know how Trump or his administration will approach cannabis, but there might be reason for optimism.

17. Federal Report: Legalization Lowers Teen Cannabis Use — People selling an illegal substance are already taking huge risks and have no reason not to sell to anyone willing to buy. People selling a regulated substance have every reason to comply with local laws and remain in business.

18. Here’s What’s Behind Women Replacing Wine With Weed — The concept of using cannabis as an “exit drug” is interesting, especially after decades of hearing that it’s a gateway drug.

19. How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System? — While there’s not a simple answer to this question, Green Rush Daily did put together a helpful chart that should at least give people a clue about what to expect.

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Image credit: Green Rush Daily