Cannabis Education: The Weekly News Round-Up

by | Dec 19, 2016

This week we’re featuring articles about how cannabis users can get life insurance, Emerald Cup judging, and how cannabis fits into the political landscape.

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life insurance for cannabis users

Image source: “a href=””>Simple LIfe Insure

How Your Marijuana Use Affects Your Chances Of Getting Approved And Securing The Best Rates For Life Insurance [Infographic]

So how do life insurance companies really view people who use marijuana either for leisure or for medical reasons?

Despite the growing support and legalization of marijuana, the cultivation, distribution and use of marijuana is still illegal under federal law.

The fact that it is illegal at a federal level is a factor you must consider when choosing a life insurance company, especially one that operates nationally.

Since more US states are supporting and legalizing marijuana, one might think that more life insurance companies would adopt a more relaxed attitude too.

The good news?

Some companies are indeed starting to follow suit.

Simple Life Insure created a comprehensive guide to buying life insurance as a cannabis user. It includes insight into how insurance companies view people who use cannabis and practical advice for how to get the best rate. They actually drilled down into the standards set by 16 different companies so you can figure out which company meets your needs.

If you have a question about obtaining life insurance as a cannabis user, odds are good that this article has the answer.

emerald cup judging

Image source: The Cannafornian

Cannabis Judging: Do You Have What It Takes?

This year was unique because of the abundance of the “fruit-flavored” samples, she said. Perhaps this is because a fruity strain called Cherry Limeade won last year. Or maybe it’s because more women are smoking, shifting the market towards their sweeter preferences.

But, she said, the qualities of a winning grower stay the same.

“The winners are always kind, gentle, soft-spoken people who really love their plants,” she said. “It’s not the loud, big-talking guy with a million bucks. The No. 1 flowers have always been cultivated with extra love and care by a farmer who has a real connection with their plants.”

In the era of the “green rush,” it’s important to remember that cannabis is a living plant, grown and cared for by real people. As this industry expands, we need to remember that we’re not just sticking a plant in the ground and waiting for the medicine to come out. Cannabis needs care and attention to thrive and one of the things the Emerald Cup does well is recognize the people who give their best to their plants.

A huge congratulations to the winners!

cannabis concentrate

Image source: High Times

The High Times Guide to Buying Recreational Weed from Dispensaries

If you’re going to pay top dollar for an experience with legal cannabis, it’s wise to venture into the dispensary with a few pieces of sound advice to make your experience memorable and enjoyable.

All too often, I see folks get excited about buying pot for the first time legally, but after purchasing, they realize they’ve been duped into dry, stemmy, larfy buds with no aroma, no flavor, just a baseless ashy/harsh smoke that makes you cough and tastes like hay.

So how do you know you’re getting the good stuff?

With so many new states legalizing both adult-use cannabis and medical marijuana, a trip to a dispensary is about to become a common experience for millions of people who have never been able to set foot in one before now.

As cannabis use becomes more mainstream, more people will be turning to dispensaries for their first experience. High Times put together some useful tips that will help create a good experience, rather than something lackluster or overwhelming.

legalize marijuana

Image source: Wikileaf

Donald Trump’s Views on Pot…They’re Unclear

His position on recreational hasn’t been as open-minded. He’s called Colorado’s legal marijuana industry “a real problem.” As a Colorado native and someone who still lives here, I fail to see any sort of problem other than the ridiculous traffic from the number of people who have moved to the area – Legalize Everywhere! Make Commutes Great Again!

This is a direct difference from the position he held decades back when he told The Miami Herald that the US needed to “legalize drugs to win the war on drugs.”

Despite the huge wins for cannabis on election day, we have no idea what the future holds. While Trump himself has expressed several different but mostly supportive opinions, many of his cabinet members, including attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions, have been vocal about their opposition to legalization.

If we want legalization to continue, it’s important that we make our voices heard at every level of government.

cbd oil and the dea

Image source: Leafly

Hold On! The DEA’s Move Against CBD May Not Be Legal

To recap: The DEA introduced a new drug code for “marihuana extracts.” In the course of doing so, Rosenberg paused to consider the question of non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD). Rosenberg made it clear that the DEA considers all CBD to be illegal simply because it’s derived from a plant of the genus Cannabis.

Over the past 48 hours, attorneys and legal scholars (and entrepreneur/activists like Harborside Health founder Steve DeAngelo, above) have pushed back with force. Many are arguing that the DEA’s move is a clear instance of illegal agency overreach. It’s a move that the same agency tried 15 years ago, in fact. And that attempt was ultimately slapped down by federal courts.

While this move by the DEA is a huge setback for people who depend on the CBD oil they thought was legal, I’m confident that it will be overturned quickly. What I’d really like to know is why they chose to make this move now?

Is this a death throe from a government agency that knows its war on drugs actually did more harm than good? Or is this an opening salvo from an organization that feels like our new president-elect will give it the muscle that Obama restrained?

Regardless, the will of the people is pretty clear: prohibition failed and attempting to prohibit the use of CBD products will also fail.

7 Proven Medical Conditions Treatable With Psychoactive THC

Is THC medicinal? It’s not uncommon to hear talk of the many medical benefits of nonpsychoactive cannabis. But, what about THC? THC is the cannabis compound that causes a high. While the psychoactive effects of the herb may be offputting to some, there are several ailments that THC can help. Here are seven proven medical uses of psychoactive THC.

One of my biggest frustrations with cannabis is that it has so much potential, but so little research on how best to make the most of that potential. Fortunately, Herb compiled a list of things that we know cannabis can do, backed up by actual science rather than anecdotal evidence.1

While both THC and CBD are amazing cannabinoids, the entourage effect can’t be ignored. Whole plant medicine will eventually should that cannabis is more than just the sum of its parts.

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