History of Medicine Box Tinctures: When, Where, Why

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It is no secret that our crew loves juicy medicinal herbs from from the earth. The practice and lifestyle of using herbal tonics to strengthen the body’s immune system and to treat numerous ailments goes back for centuries, and to this day is the primary source of medicine for many countries. A fascinating and magical aspect of how plants and herbs grow, is that when there is a plant that can cause a potential harmful reaction, the antidote is likely growing very close by! For instance where Poison Ivy grows so does it’s antidote Jewel Weeds or “Touch Me Nots.” The jewel weed stem should be crushed and the liquid rubbed into the skin of the affected area. This is just one of thousands of examples of nature’s intentionality of just where things grow, there are no mistakes.  



In the process of creating our cannabis tinctures, we have had the great opportunity to dive into the wonderful world of botanicals. Twisting and turning along the path of optimal health and performance, absorbing all the incredible knowledge that exists on how to receive maximum benefits from a given plant. Our tribe at Medicine Box is an eclectic crew of people including (but not limited to,) growers, scientists, entrepreneurs, bakers, body workers, doctors, lawyers, videographers, and the list goes on. The weaving pieces that bring us together is our love of plants (Mama Mary-Jane in particular,) the strong intention and driving force to be the change we wish to see in the world, and the humbleness of choosing to live our lives as students of divine elements. We are constantly adapting and applying information and techniques as we learn, refining our practice with the medicine so that we provide a trusted platform for herbal medicine, innovation, and sharing of information. Because these are elements that are held in our highest regard and we strive for transparency, we want to share a bit behind the scenes of the production of the herbal tinctures and how to optimize your benefits.

Batch 1

For our first batch of our medical cannabis tinctures we used a two-step cannabinoid extraction process; Supercritical CO2 and alcohol. For three out of five of our five blends, we used a mixed Sativa/Indica blend, and the dosage was lower than we had intended. This time around we are increasing the dose on all five tinctures, with the intention of having the Movement Medicine and Equanimity at 300 mg per 30 ml, and our Happy Belly, Vital Restoration, and Sensual Healing at 200 mg per 30 ml. For more information on each specific blend stay tuned to our homepage of the website, tinctures will be listed under products in great detail. As mentioned above, receiving the most medicinal benefits out of our products is top priority for us, so we’ve also made the choice to use a different carrier, than alcohol, for batch number two. The herbs and extract will begin soaking this evening, in alignment with the new moon, in fractionalized coconut oil as the base. Just as the tides are ruled by the lunar cycle, this is also true for grow and bloom phases as well. While the moon cycles through each phase and grows brighter, it is believed the gravitational pull increases and as the moon the grows stronger, so does the herbal brew.

Why Fractionalized Coconut Oil?

Otherwise known as MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides.) There is a lot of buzz around this currently, and for good reasons. With the Bulletproof lifestyle and diet circling around globally, many people are choosing to increase their healthy fats with this nutrient rich oil by putting it in their coffee, tea, salad dressings, drinks, and etc. Why use it at a carrier for concentrated cannabis tinctures you ask? This stimulates repair on a cellular level in the body since these fats are easily digested and turned into sustained energy, the body is supported in maintaining optimal well being and healing. The dense nutrients and fats are quickly transported to the blood stream, allowing the body to integrate the medicine quickly and fully. Having a tablespoon a day of MCT oil alone does a lot of goodness for the body, and now you can have that medicinal dose infused with cannabis, amazing right?! Part of our mission at Medicine Box is to use creative and innovative methods of application, this is one of many ways we display the alignment with our mission statement.

When is the best time to take each variety?

“When it comes to using herbs to optimize health, it is best to use on a semi-regular basis, instead of the reactive approach that is more common in american healthcare.” -Upton (Herbalist)

To follow alignment with the above quote, to receive maximum benefits, taking the herbal tonic regularly will allow your body to develop and strong relationship with the associated herbs. Since each tincture addresses a different pattern, there are a few pointers I can give on when to use each.

Movement Medicine communicates with the musculoskeletal system, therefor before and after activity is best. Since there is predominantly active THC as far as cannabinoids, your personal discernment would tell you whether you wanted to be altered (from the psychoactive elements of THC,) during your personal form of movement. I take this tincture before a hike or after a long day of yoga. This is one of our higher dosage blends, due to its pain relieving properties.

Equanimity is our second blend with a higher overall dose of cannabinoids. This is a great blend for the end of the day, a few hours before sleep. This is also the blend I take if I am feeling rather anxious, because of it’s calming properties. Think of it as the nightcap.

Happy Belly’s primary support is aimed at the digestive tract. To receive maximum benefits of this digestive aid, taking 1 hour before a meal and/or 1 after. Taking half a dose before food and a half after would be a great balance of the two.

Vital Restoration has a lighter dose, making it a great morning or midday medicine. This has immune building properties, so in high allergy and cold seasons it would be an excellent ally. To gear towards prevention rather than treatment, taking this tonic even when you’re not feeling immunocompromised will play a great support  in your body staying healthy and balance.  

Sensual Healing is speaking to the hormonal system in the body, with the intention of balancing all the spectrums, including libido. We highlight this aspect because we feel it is a topic that is not spoke of enough. This is a fairly common occurrence, especially in women after pregnancy or through menopause. This can also be used at any point of the day due to it’s lighter dose, I personally take mine in the evening, to support my system finding balance at the end of the day. As someone who has had thyroid flare ups, I know about the lack of libido when your system is out of wake, so I take this one daily to continue to assist my system.

medicine box tinctures

All blends can be taken with or without food. There is limited breakdown of nutrients and cannabinoids when using fractionalized coconut oil as the base, so the “high” will hit you faster. If you feel more comfortable in a high state after a meal, then take it like that. I invite you to listen to your body when taking these and develop a relationship with 1 or 2 of the blends at a time, inviting the others slowly into the system.

We hope a little insight to the process was helpful for our patients and consumers to have a clear grasp on this medicine. If there are any further inquiries about this herbal tonics, please message us. We are super excited to get batch two rolling, and look forward to sharing the final product when it’s complete.

This information is not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure. We are simply sharing our best knowledge, in hopes of stimulating curiosity and love of the plant, and guide our patients to the best of our ability. 


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