The Anti-Propaganda

by | Aug 24, 2016

beautiful leafAs a collective that both cultivates cannabis and hand crafted infused products, we place a large emphasis on spreading awareness and education about the true potential of this healing plant – and what can happen when patient’s access to this natural, non-toxic medicine becomes restricted.

We find ourselves in a very exciting time in the industry. Cannabis is in the news daily and preliminary studies are being released regularly, proving that medicinal cannabis can help to treat a significant number of both physiological and psychological conditions. Unfortunately, collectives operating in Nevada and Placer Counties are experiencing the opposite of the progression that we are witnessing in communities and states all over our country. Not only do Nevada and Placer counties rely heavily on cultivation for the success of their economies, but many patients in the area depend on local caregivers for growing their medicine safely and legally – without significant limitations.

Residents of no on wNevada County organized by the numbers to vote down Measure W (a measure attempting to ban all outdoor growing and limit indoor growing to a very small number of plants). We raised our voice to show that we are NOT in favor of restricting cannabis grow operations, indoor or outdoor. In turn, our voice was ignored and our vote was basically overturned when the Board of Supervisors decided on an interim policy that limits indoor and outdoor growing even more.

We will NOT be shot down and told our voice doesn’t matter. Access to medicinal cannabis is simply too important of an issue. Cannabis cultivation is what so many residents in these counties rely on for their livelihood – and beyond that, their livelihood is what patients rely on to treat themselves!

weed is medicine

Medicine Box has decided to do something about it. Sitting by the sidelines won’t get us anywhere. Heck apparently even voting won’t get us anywhere. So what can we do? How can we make sure we are heard and taken seriously? We organize at a local level. We share out stories. We spread awareness. We educate. We make sure as many people as possible hear our message – the anti-propaganda message. In line with the Medicine Box philosophy we are collaborating with our amazing friends at SBS Media House and medicinal cannabis patients or caregivers in the area to create an anti-propaganda video. This will be a platform where patients can share their stories and how medicinal cannabis has helped them. We will be speaking to families that treat their children’s seizures with CBD, war veterans that treat their insomnia and PTSD with edibles, athletes who have healed back injuries with tinctures, to name a few.

Stay tuned for our finished product and get ready to share our message with everyone you know! If you or anyone you know has a story to share and wants to be involved in affecting positive change, please contact us. We want to know our community and our stories. We want to pass it along. We want those with closed eyes and misinformed opinions to become aware – to see why we all love this plant so much, why we rely on it, and why we will advocate for it to no end.

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