Artisan Collaborations – Spread the Talent, Share the Love

by | Jul 9, 2016

Medicine Box was founded on the concept of being a collaborative entity and embracing the talent of the many artisans we have the pleasure of working with. As stated in our mission statement: “We are a collective of farms and artisans… [delivering] hand-crafted, sustainable products…”. Beyond our core Medicine Box tribe, we choose to collaborate with a number of talented artisans, many of whom also hail locally from Lake Tahoe and Gold Country.


Our work is our passion. We are dedicated to what we do and strive for the best. We take pride in our hand crafted, high quality cannabis products. We believe there are artisans out there who share these values – and we want to work with them in a collaborative, mutually beneficial environment.

Beyond our desire to support and create a channel for local artisans to feature their talent, we believe our collaborative approach allows us to be true to our innovative, adaptive nature as a business.  We are operating in an exciting industry. We want to be agile. We want to avoid being positioned as just an edibles company, or an extraction company, or a vape pen company. Medicine box is and will remain a collection of artisans and collaborators, dedicated to mindful innovation and cultivation of masterfully created products.

In our 6 months of operation, The Medicine Box Tribe has had the opportunity to meet and work with some truly remarkable creators. Our experiences have been nothing short of amazing, resulting in breath taking finished products.

Our first collaboration was with our amazing designer. We have been brain storming since day one on our logo, our swag, our brand and our entire packaging concept. It has been a pleasure to get a fresh perspective and new ideas in the mix. We can’t wait to have him at HQ next week to make more magic happen!

A more elaborate collaboration (in that the whole set up weighs hundreds of pounds) was recently completed with a passionate and fiery local furniture maker. He took our idea and created a masterpiece for our first expo booth and what will double as a mobile pop up Medicine Box shop. It was such an enjoyable and inspired experience working with him and his team.

expo booth


And finally, the latest addition to our product line came from a collaboration with a very knowledgeable herbalist to
create our tinctures. Her background with the healing properties of dozens of herbs allowed us to come together to create 5 different herbal and cannabis blends to heal a number of ailments. We learned a lot throughout this process and have certainly been medicating ourselves and our patients with the final product.


As Medicine Box’s momentum continues to launch us into the future, we will be looking for like-minded, motivated, passionate artisans to collaborate with and create unique products that will knock the socks off our patients. Our tribe is open to any and all inquiries and ideas – as well as guest bloggers! Please let us know if you have something to share and email us at