Guide to Choosing Your Medicine: Part 1

by | May 11, 2016


How to choose a strain based on what you need:

When it comes to finding a medicine that truly speaks to what you want to address, there can be a lot of trial and error in the process. Although this journey can be fun and a good way for you to get to know the bountiful, beautiful Mary-Jane, it can also be draining if your needs are not being met. Coming from personal experience, I’ve cycled through strains that really helped my migraines and strains that exacerbated them. It was frustrating to be in the space of more pain, when my goal was to ease the pain. I know I am not alone in this, and I would love to be of service to guiding and informing you on what kinds of relief are available through this healing plant, and how you can access them.

Fortunately we live in a time where the research of medical marijuana is continuously accelerating, and openly discussing uses and success stories is becoming more acceptable by the masses. More and more information is surfacing that we can access at any moment, therefore the ability to address our needs faster and with more intention is entirely possible. With that being said, knowing your body, what medicine works for you and in what form best serves you, is still up to you! I invite you to listen deeply to your body and it’s unique needs, and choose your medicine wisely and informatively.

We are going to talk about a couple specifics regarding the medical uses and benefits of CBD, one of the 100+ cannabinoids that we know of. Stay tuned in the weeks to come for more specifics on other known cannabinoids and how you can access them!

CBD: Cannabidiol


Why you would choose CBD?

 Treatment of Crohn’s disease, PTSD, Multiple Sclerosis, epilepsy/seizures, cancer, and neurological disfunction/disorders, to name a few.

What do these conditions have in common?

They are extremely hard to treat with a Western Perspective. The nature of an autoimmune disorder is the body is not able to discern what is healthy cellular tissue and what is an invader, therefor many “symptoms” arise that can be misleading to what actually needs to be addressed. Typically we are treated for symptoms, rather than the root cause. When shifting the perspective to a more holistic view, this method of diagnosis is not honoring the body as a whole, but rather compartmentalizing the problem. Unfortunately with diseases/ diagnoses like the ones listed above, getting to the root cause is very complicated and can take an entire lifetime. Our goal as humans is to find and maintain internal homeostasis throughout all the physical and emotional fluctuations – whether we are suffering a debilitating illness or not.

Do I have to have a life threatening ailment to receive benefits from CBD?

Absolutely not! CBD can be taken as a preventative method to stimulate homeostasis in the body. Ultimately our bodies are fluctuating between “flight or fight” and “rest and digest”; constantly trying to find balance. Being that we have extreme external conditions that we cannot control, the best thing that we can do for our internal environment is to promote the feeling of well being. This medicine (CBD) is a great way to do that, speaking directly through your nervous system and letting your body know that you are okay.


Which strains contain a high CBD level?

How do I take it?

  • Edibles!
  • Tinctures
  • Capsules
  • Infused coconut oil (orally): this is an especially great base for any neurological disorder. This healthy form of fat allows the body to receive the medicine, integrate it, and allow it to travel to  the brain.
  • (topically for inflammation.)
  • Vape pen with extract. (notice this is the last one on the list, being that it is much more challenging to know your dosage. If you have been using CBD in this way, and understand it, I say go for it!)

Keeping in mind if you are treating for something specific, dosage is key, and you should consult with your physician on what ratios you should be working with. If you are using CBD as a preventative method and/or to promote balance in the body, it is suggested to take it every day at the same time so that your body recognizes it (as you would take any other vitamins/minerals/supplements.)

Other benefits:

-relieves pain, reduces seizures, relieves anxiety, reduces blood sure, kill/slow bacteria, reduces nausea, inhibits tumor/cancer growth, reduce artery blockage, treat psoriasis, anti psychotic, suppress muscle spasm, promote bone growth, reduces inflammation  


As you can see, just this cannabinoid alone has a vast well of goodness it can provide for the body! There is always a ratio to be aware of (usually CBD:THC), so get familiar with what works for you and commit to it! Please let us know if there is a product that you would like to see Medicine Box tribe create that would speak to your specific medical or/and recreational needs!
This article is not claiming  to diagnose, treat, or cure any specific disorders or diseases, but rather stimulate curiosity on the vast amount of medical options and information available to us.