Cannabis Industry Links We Love – Mother’s Day Edition

by | May 7, 2016

tokin' women

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Token Women to Tokin’ Women: Three Days at a Conference for Ladies Who Simply Love Weed

“I thought I was going to move to Tahoe and write cookbooks. And then I got cancer. Twice,” she told me. Finding treatment hammered it home to her that “weed is a social justice issue.”

(This, about the social justice issue, was a refrain I’d hear over and over, sincerely but slightly impotently: it is impossible to feel as if your life has been salvaged by a substance without understanding how unfair it is that that substance keeps millions of people in jail. But whether leveraging your privilege to make the drug respectable will help those people or just heighten the contrast between your lives and theirs, nobody really seemed to know.)

marijuana mom

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Marijuana Makes Me a Better Mom

Eleven years later, I was home alone with my 1-year-old twins. I was exhausted. One daughter was crying, and I didn’t know why. The other kept laughing, which for some reason made it worse. For the first time since becoming pregnant, for the first time in years, I opened up my stash box and hid in the bathroom to smoke a little pot. Two puffs was all it took, all it had ever taken, to get me as high as I like to be.

CRMLA Talk It Up Billboard

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New Mother’s Day Billboard Perfectly Flips “Talk to Your Kids About Drugs” Rhetoric

“For decades, the federal government distributed anti-marijuana propaganda to parents and encouraged them to share it with their children,” said CRMLA Chairman J.P. Holyoak, in a press release. “Younger voters need to talk to their parents about marijuana and make sure they understand it is actually less harmful than alcohol.”

leafly gender growth

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How Does Cannabis Affect Men and Women Differently?

Women have a particularly interesting reaction to cannabis due to estrogen levels. Estrogen levels play a role in how receptive your brain is to external cannabinoids, as researchers propose that estrogen receptors are along the pathway for THC intake. The highest levels of the body’s natural endocannabinoids tend to be during ovulation, and there is evidence that endocannabinoid action can assist fertility in women. Basically, in smaller doses, cannabis increases sexual appetite in women. In larger doses, however, it tends to have the opposite effect.

5 myths about women and cannabis

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5 Damaging Myths About Women and Cannabis

Are there people who smoke pot to check out and be lazy? Oh yeah. This is a perfect example of mis-use! But there are just as many, if not more, who mindfully use cannabis as part of a holistic regimen that allows them to thrive.

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6 Reasons Smoking Weed Can Be A Feminist Act

All of these numbers are proof that women have some pretty strong beliefs about marijuana reform and they’re not going to sit back and let the guys take the reigns on this one. The momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, either. As Nevada Representative Dina Titus told Newsweek, “It’s one of the fastest-moving social issues I’ve ever seen.”

Happy Mother’s Day to my mommy! She doesn’t use cannabis, but she fully supports my career in the cannabis industry (and everything else I do.) – Jill